It seems that the problems with feral, abandoned, and stray cats is either getting worse or is commanding more attention than in years past. People have discovered Sav-R-Cats to be one of the few organizations they can turn to which will not kill nuisance or feral cats. Subsequently, the pleas and referrals keep rolling in. Sav-R-Cats desperately needs volunteers to assist with the many duties we have, so that we may better help the cats. If you have the free time and want to be helpful, we implore you to call us. We need you and the cats need you! If you are interested, we need help with the following:

  • Work at the adoption center
  • General Clerical Duties, including Correspondence and Answering the Telephone
  • Contact Media Outlets and Newspapers to further our cause and Solicit Donations
  • Help Trap and Transport Feral Cats to/from Veterinarian

Volunteers are the backbone of any organization. Without your assistance, there will be very little success.

If you can help by volunteering in any way, please let us know by calling 843-222-8057.