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Feral Cat Day Fundraiser

National Feral Cat DayIn honor of National Feral Cat Day, please join us at Angelo’s Steak & Pasta for a Luncheon/Fundraiser Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 11:30 am.
Angelo’s Steak & Pasta
2311 South Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 626-2800
Buffet including salad, garlic bread, coffee, tea or soft drinks
$15.00 per person (tip included)

Cat Doll Fundraiser

Kat Doll Tickets

We are selling tickets for a chance to win N’Zinga kat doll.  The winning ticket will be drawn on December 6th. Winner need not be present to win. You may buy tickets at the center or go through PayPal or you may also mail a check made payable to:


1117 Dick Pond Road

Surfside Beach, SC 29575

Your ticket stub(s) will be mailed to you.

Please share as we raise money to help the kitties!

Quilt Raffle

We are selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a beautiful full-size quilt.

The winning ticket will be drawn on November 2nd, 2018. Winner need not be present to win. You may buy tickets at the center or go through Paypal or you may also mail a check made payable to:

1117 Dick Pond Road
Surfside Beach, SC 29575

Your ticket stub(s) will be mailed to you.

Quilt Flyer

Jojo: The Affectionate Kitty

Jojo is very affectionate (a little love bug!) and had been patiently waiting at the center for her perfect forever home.

She’d gotten adopted recently, but it did not turn out well. She returned to the center stressed out and losing her hair. She had to regain her confidence and her health before being adopted out again.

Mark & Theresa came to the center to spend time with Jojo this past spring, and she bonded with them immediately. We are happy to announce that Jojo is truly enjoying her new life and home with them.

Rio, the Black Kitty

Recently, a family came in looking for a black cat to adopt. That in and of itself is great! One of the volunteers took a tower out of walk-in #5, with shy Rio perched on top. She told Rio to give it a try (Rio usually did not come out to say hello to adopters, therefore making her adoption chances slim). But that day she proudly perched on top of her tower.

The woman came over and began petting her. And petting her….and petting her. They bonded instantly! Rio’s siblings and mom had all been adopted a while ago and she was the last one left. Even her “roommate,” a black kitty with hip issues, got adopted recently. It was her time and she found the perfect family.

We are so happy for Rio!

What Does It Take To Volunteer?

Did you know, we are a 100% volunteer-run organization? That’s right, there’s no employees here, just volunteers with big hearts and a little bit of time to donate. We are always in need of volunteers at our adoption center. We are here 7 days a week. Most volunteers choose one or two days a week to come in on a regular basis. You can volunteer for a couple of hours a week…or more! We can compare schedules and find something that works for everyone. Keep in mind, we are at the center in the mornings and early afternoons; we do not have evening hours.

Volunteering at the center involves cleaning cages, sweeping and mopping, replenishing food and water bowls and of course, getting to spend some quality time with the cats. There is a lot of bending and standing required but we don’t mind if you need to take a break, bring a snack and have a cold bottle of water during your shift. We are also one of the few adoption centers that will allow responsible teens, with their parents’ permission, to volunteer. This is a great way for those who need volunteer hours to acquire them, or, if your child is interested in pursuing veterinary or related fields, it’s a great way for them to get some hands-on experience.

Interested in volunteering? Call us today or stop by to fill out a volunteer application. We cannot wait to meet you!

Special Needs Kitty: Coco

One of our special needs kitties, Coco, was adopted!! He is one of our hip kitties, as we call them. His siblings, who also had the same problem, were previously adopted and Coco waited patiently for the ‘right’ mom.

She came into the center and he climbed on her lap and it was an instant match made in heaven. We know he has found the perfect forever home and we are very happy for him.

Youth Making A Difference

Oftentimes people think that most kids would rather sit in front of the TV than go outside and play and that they don’t care about things that really matter.

Well, as a non-profit we have found that there are some caring, loving kids out there who really have a huge heart and want to make a difference. From young volunteers to kids who have chosen to collect donations in lieu of birthday presents for their birthday.

One of our foster moms, Jen, has a son who not only had a birthday party where he collected donations for the center, but he also came to the center with his sister to plant much-needed flowers for outside the center. The selflessness of Pearson, his sister, and the other children who choose to help a cause bigger than themselves is so touching to see.

What To Do If You Find A Baby Kitten

Kitten season is upon us!

With our year-round mild weather, kitten season is never really over, but spring is an especially busy time. We get many calls of people finding kittens…but what is the best thing to do if you find a baby? Well, the answer is maybe not what you think it is. If the baby is not in danger, the best thing to do is wait and watch.

Why? The mother may be off hunting or may be in the process of moving her kittens in her mouth, one by one. This means she may leave her babies unattended for up to hours at a time. So, you need to wait hours, or even up to a day, to find out if the kittens is truly on its own.

If you do discover that it’s on its own, and take the kitten in, keep in mind that baby kittens require round the clock care. Between bottle feeding every few hours, burping after meals (yes just like a human baby!) and needing help going to the bathroom, by taking the kitten in, you are essentially becoming its surrogate mom.

If you do find out that there is a mom in the area, once the kittens are old enough to not need to nurse off the mother, getting her trapped, spayed and released as soon as possible is the best thing you can do. And then, do the same when the kittens are big enough.

This will help prevent a repeat of the current situation and will also make for healthier, happier cats. For more information on low–cost spaying and neutering, please give us a call.

Adoption Success Story: Katie, Age 14

Whenever a senior kitty gets adopted we are always thrilled as it is rare and very special and meaningful for both the cat and the adopter. Katie’s owner had passed away in December of 2015 and we were able to take her. She spent her time at the adoption center comfortably, but she did not enjoy the company of the other cats.

A few weeks ago a nice lady came in with her daughter. She told us of her recent losses and said she was a senior citizen and needed a cat that was also a senior. She liked Katie who turned 14 in December. We wish the best for Katie and her new mom.

After the adoption we received this note from her daughter: “Thank you EVERYONE for your good wishes — I’m the “daughter.” Mom and I want all of you to know that Katie is deliriously happy in her new home. My father died in 10/16, and “his” cat passed on 1/25, so Mom decided that she and Katie were “two old ladies who needed each other.” Katie cuddles up with Mom and they are inseparable. SRC, you are outstanding. THANK YOU!”