How long does it take to get adopted?

Cats waiting to be adoptedWe are a no-kill shelter. Yes, many people know what that means, but do you ever think of how long it takes for some of the cats to get adopted? There are some cats that we know (or think we know) will probably never get adopted. Some are teetering on the edge of being considered feral and just don’t want to be around people. We certainly try work with all of the kitties to give them a chance to be adopted, but we are also ok with knowing that some of these cats may live out the rest of their lives here with us in a safe and caring environment. Other cats are friendly and sociable but get overlooked because there are younger, cuter cats available. Or, they are a little shy and don’t come up to strangers.

One cat in particular, Falco, came to Sav-R-Cats in 2008 as a three-month-old kitten. Once the window of being a kitten passes, cats seem to have less odds of getting adopted. Through the years Falco has enjoyed living at the center. He was best known for perking up anytime anyone was eating, especially if it was something out of a crinkly wrapper. He really had a thing for people food!

Falco, a cat who got adoptedThen, in May of 2016, a woman came by the shelter to adopt a cat. She had an orange cat that had just passed away and was hoping to adopt another orange cat, hoping to reintroduce a similar-colored kitty to her other cats which includes two Sav-R-Cats former residents, Kate and Hope. They were both adopted as adults by her. She quickly decided that Falco was the one. She wanted to give an adult cat a chance at living a normal life. At this point Falco was 8 years old and had been waiting almost his entire life for a forever home. The center had been pretty much all he had known!

She set the carrier on the table and he walked right in. When she closed the door to it he laid down, content and ready to go home! We are so happy for Falco, finding his true home after 8 years of waiting. This gives us hope for the many other adult cats that we have at our center.

Consider adopting an adult cat!