It’s never easy to lose a cat…

We are a no-kill shelter, however, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with loss. We have to deal with it all the time. From cats who suddenly get sick to kittens who are born with a deadly disease, we just never know what might happen. While we keep our cats as healthy as possible, we just cannot control everything. One thing we especially cannot control is age.

We recently lost a cat who was near and dear to us. Snowy came to us at age 14 and was loved by all the volunteers. He was the oldest kitty at the center and we knew that this would likely be his final home here at our center. He liked to hang out on his top shelf in his walk-in and hang his arm over the edge, watching the other cats. Snowy also enjoyed going in and out of his house whenever he pleased (and we let him, since he was our senior!). He became a little grumpy in his old age but we loved him nonetheless. He watched the other cats with wisdom that only a double-decade-old cat could have.

Snowy lived to be 20-years-old and passed away on June 8, 2016. He will truly be missed.