2016: A Year In Review

We cannot believe another year has come and gone here at the adoption center. We’ve had a great year filled with wonderful fundraisers, some tear-jerking adoption success stories and we’ve also welcomed many new and wonderful volunteers into our lives. We would like to thank everyone for their support in 2016 and we look forward to a wonderful 2017 as we help the kitties who need us most.


In 2016 we had 103 adoptions! That’s more than 100 cats who are now in safe, loving homes thanks to couples, individuals and families who have opened their hearts and homes to a shelter cat. But, our job is never-ending as there are always even more cats waiting for forever homes. The support we receive from donors and volunteers is truly amazing.

Spaying, Neutering & TNR

2016 was also a successful year for our spaying/neutering and our TNR program (Trap-Neuter-Return), which is a humane way of helping feral cats in the community by keeping the population under control. In 2016 we coordinated 109 spays and neuters for cats at our adoption center and 182 through our TNR program throughout Horry County. Together, we can help control the cat population, keep our feline friends healthy and prevent the overabundance of unwanted cats and kittens.

Saying Goodbye

As a no-kill shelter we have cats that live with us until they are old, cats who are older when they get adopted out and cats that we have lost to cancer and other diseases we have no control over. It’s never easy losing a cat but we find some comfort in knowing we were able to help them have a happy, safe and comfortable end to their life, whether it was at our adoption center or in a truly forever home. In 2016 some of the cats we had to say goodbye to include: Snowy (the oldest cat at our shelter), Boots (a long-time resident, survived by his brothers) and Pawley (an older cat who escaped death by a previous owner).


Fundraising is a big part of what we do because we are purely run on donations and the generosity of others! In 2016 we sold our second annual cat calendar, held our always fun bowling fundraiser, participated in SC’s largest garage sale and sold coupon books. We look forward to much of the same in 2017 and appreciate all the support we receive for our fundraising events!

Vote for Us! Petco Foundation Grant Finalist

15202485_1256165904427066_7231337045625264565_nPlease take a moment to vote for us (if you haven’t yet already) for a chance for us to win a grant from Petco Foundation. We are a Holiday Wishes finalist for 2016 and are now competing in the Holiday Wishes People’s Choice Bonus Round. You can help us win up to $25,000!

You can vote 1 time and voting ends Saturday, December 31 at 11:59 PM CT.

Just choose our story from the options (alphabetical by shelter name, see screenshot to the left) and hit submit at the very bottom of the page. Easy as pie! Vote here: https://poll.fbapp.io/2016-holiday-wishes-finalists

Thank you!

Spaying & Neutering – It’s Important!

Cat at Sav-R-CatsSpaying or neutering your cat is one of the most important things that you can do! Whether it’s your cat or a cat outside that you feed, getting a cat fixed is an easy way to help prevent the number of unwanted cats and the number of cats that end up in shelters year after year. If you are interested in getting a cat spayed or neutered, give us a call. We can set up an appointment for you and the best part is, it is much less expensive if you go through us. Our low-cost spaying and neutering includes a rabies shot, an application of flea medication and dewormer. Not only will your cat be happier and healthier, you will also be helping prevent the homelessness of kittens. Call us today!


It’s never easy to lose a cat…

We are a no-kill shelter, however, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with loss. We have to deal with it all the time. From cats who suddenly get sick to kittens who are born with a deadly disease, we just never know what might happen. While we keep our cats as healthy as possible, we just cannot control everything. One thing we especially cannot control is age.

We recently lost a cat who was near and dear to us. Snowy came to us at age 14 and was loved by all the volunteers. He was the oldest kitty at the center and we knew that this would likely be his final home here at our center. He liked to hang out on his top shelf in his walk-in and hang his arm over the edge, watching the other cats. Snowy also enjoyed going in and out of his house whenever he pleased (and we let him, since he was our senior!). He became a little grumpy in his old age but we loved him nonetheless. He watched the other cats with wisdom that only a double-decade-old cat could have.

Snowy lived to be 20-years-old and passed away on June 8, 2016. He will truly be missed.

How long does it take to get adopted?

Cats waiting to be adoptedWe are a no-kill shelter. Yes, many people know what that means, but do you ever think of how long it takes for some of the cats to get adopted? There are some cats that we know (or think we know) will probably never get adopted. Some are teetering on the edge of being considered feral and just don’t want to be around people. We certainly try work with all of the kitties to give them a chance to be adopted, but we are also ok with knowing that some of these cats may live out the rest of their lives here with us in a safe and caring environment. Other cats are friendly and sociable but get overlooked because there are younger, cuter cats available. Or, they are a little shy and don’t come up to strangers.

One cat in particular, Falco, came to Sav-R-Cats in 2008 as a three-month-old kitten. Once the window of being a kitten passes, cats seem to have less odds of getting adopted. Through the years Falco has enjoyed living at the center. He was best known for perking up anytime anyone was eating, especially if it was something out of a crinkly wrapper. He really had a thing for people food!

Falco, a cat who got adoptedThen, in May of 2016, a woman came by the shelter to adopt a cat. She had an orange cat that had just passed away and was hoping to adopt another orange cat, hoping to reintroduce a similar-colored kitty to her other cats which includes two Sav-R-Cats former residents, Kate and Hope. They were both adopted as adults by her. She quickly decided that Falco was the one. She wanted to give an adult cat a chance at living a normal life. At this point Falco was 8 years old and had been waiting almost his entire life for a forever home. The center had been pretty much all he had known!

She set the carrier on the table and he walked right in. When she closed the door to it he laid down, content and ready to go home! We are so happy for Falco, finding his true home after 8 years of waiting. This gives us hope for the many other adult cats that we have at our center.

Consider adopting an adult cat!

Reduced Adoption Fee For Veterans

During a recent Board of Directors meeting, it was decided that since our VETERANS give SOOOO MUCH of themselves to keep us FREE, Sav-R-Cats would like to “THANK THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE” by reducing the adoption fee for any Veteran (with ID card) who would like to adopt a cat from Sav-R-Cats.

Some animal shelters and rescue groups charge up to $100 for adopting a cat. Sav-R-Cats’ adoption fee is $70 and VETERANS would pay a reduced fee of $50.00.

Adoption fee includes a wellness exam, spaying/neutering, first shots, worming/flea treatments and rabies vaccination if the kitten is old enough.

We are located at:

South Seas Village Plaza
1117 Hwy. 544
Surfside Beach, SC 29575
(843) 222-8057

Coupon Books for Sale!

The 2016 Attractions Dining and Value Guides are now for sale at Sav-R-Cats! This is one of our most popular fundraisers of the year. Books are only $20 each and many people like to buy one for themselves and another (or more!) as a gift for a friend. These books are so valuable and they don’t expire until the end of 2016. These are not just any coupons — these coupons are mostly for “buy one get one free” deals and other great savings that you won’t find anywhere else! Come on by and get yours today!